Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Orleans - Food Mecca!

Yesterday I arrived in New Orleans (joining my husband who is here at the HIMSS conference).  When he finished up his shinding we went out to eat supper.  How great was it that within walking distance of the hotel was a restaurant called Acme Oyster house, and that very same restaurant was recommended to us both by our bus drivers on separate days).  So - off we went.  Now, I do NOT like oysters.  I gag when eating them, but was told that the charbroiled oysters are worth trying.  So I did, and I did not gag, but I won't be going back for more either.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, my phone was dead, and the 2nd phone we brought has no camera - so no pictures of this one.

Kevin tried some fries with brown gravy and cheese - which tasted quite good.  He also had some artichoke soup, which was ok.  I tried my first ever Hurricane, and I am glad I asked for a smaller version as that drink is very potent.  It tasted yummy, and I can see myself having another one before we leave New Orleans. 

I promise to bring my camera for future food tastings.  After all - 90% of the To-Dos in New Orleans involve food!

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