Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Orleans - Food Mecca!

Yesterday I arrived in New Orleans (joining my husband who is here at the HIMSS conference).  When he finished up his shinding we went out to eat supper.  How great was it that within walking distance of the hotel was a restaurant called Acme Oyster house, and that very same restaurant was recommended to us both by our bus drivers on separate days).  So - off we went.  Now, I do NOT like oysters.  I gag when eating them, but was told that the charbroiled oysters are worth trying.  So I did, and I did not gag, but I won't be going back for more either.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, my phone was dead, and the 2nd phone we brought has no camera - so no pictures of this one.

Kevin tried some fries with brown gravy and cheese - which tasted quite good.  He also had some artichoke soup, which was ok.  I tried my first ever Hurricane, and I am glad I asked for a smaller version as that drink is very potent.  It tasted yummy, and I can see myself having another one before we leave New Orleans. 

I promise to bring my camera for future food tastings.  After all - 90% of the To-Dos in New Orleans involve food!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Meal Planning

Meal planning can be a chore, but also a ton of fun if you find the right resources to work with! IT is so nice to come home in the evening, knowing exactly what we're having for dinner, rather than running around to put something together, and usually - missing a key ingredient.

I am on vacation now, but still on a different schedule (7 hours difference) so I spend time in the middle of the night ssearching the web for all sorts of things.

If you are brand new to meal planning, I suggest you follow these few steps, and search for Meal Planning ideas on the web!

1. Make a list of meals your family enjoy eating.

2. Make a list of ingredients needed for all of these meals.

3. Make a weekly (two-week, three-week or monthly) calendar where you can plug in the meal ideas. If you only want to plan dinners you will have plenty of room. If you want to plan every meal, you need to make sure you can fit it in the calendar space as well as label the different meals with the meal time. Example: Monday: Breakfast - scrambled eggs and bacon, Lunch - Mac and Cheese with Broccoli, Dinner: - Grilled chicken, Orzo salad and mixed veggies.
You can be as detailed as you want, or just jot down enough for yourself to remember.

4. Plug the meals you want to have over the next week(2, 3 or 4 week)period. Keep in mind that some days are busier with activities, and you might want to do lighter meals (or take out) on those days. Even so, jot it down if you plan on it. Keep in mind - there is nothing wrong with having breakfast for dinner (cereals, boiled eggs, pancakes etc), and sometimes doing so makes for a less stressful evening!

5. Then hang the meal plan on the fridge. Every night before going to bed, check the meal plan for the next couple of days to see if you need to thaw anything out.

Of course, I could go into more detail with this, but for right now, this is a start. There are many web sites out there that have many ideas and printable meal planning sheets for you to use. I have my meal plan laminated so that I can re-use it rather than throw it away. If you make it all on the computer and print the whole filled-in meal plan out, you should keep it and just use the same schedule later on. Makes for less work in making the plan when you already have a schedule you can put into a rotation!

Happy planning!

All Recipes!

Whenever I am wanting to try out a new recipe, or just need somethign real quick to put together for an event, I always check out All Recipes at www.allrecipes.com. It is an amazing resource for cooks!
I love that there are reviews, altered recipes and so on, so that I can pick the right version of a recipe for me and my family.

I even plug in my own recipes so that I can find them whenever I am away from my home and cook books.

Check it out!

Friday June 24th, 2011

Breakfast: skipped it this morning as I had to run errands right when places opened.

Lunch: Bacon pancakes.

Dinner: Lapskaus. Vegetable beef stew of sorts.

Thursday June 23rd, 2011

St. Hans celebration and grilling by the shore!

Breakfast: Bread with jelly

Lunch: Ham and cheese rollups again

Dinner: GRilling by the shore. Hot dogs, potato salad, chips. I also had a pork chop and some shrimp scampi offered to me by one of the better cooks I know - my oldest brother Leif. Yum!

Wednesday June 22nd, 2011

Breakfast: Yogurt and fruit

Lunch: Sandwiches wtih cheese and red bell pepper

Dinner: Pasta and sausage casserole.

During the famous Norwegian "coffee meal" we ate some chips and cookies as well as ice cream cake.

Tuesday June 21st

Breakfast: Cheese sandwiches with ham, microwaved until perfection. Yum!

Lunch: Ham and cheese rollups.

Dinner: Frozen Pizza with beef. Sour cream sauce for topping the pizza. Lettuce salad with chicken and lots of corn. Nothing makes a salad better than corn! Yum!